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ISO 14000
What is ISO 14000:

An Environmental Management System provides a framework for managing environmental responsibilities so they become more efficient and more integrated into overall business operations.
Environmental Management Systems are based on standards, which specify a process of achieving continuously improved environmental performance and complying with legislation. Lakshy Business Consultants offers consultancy for the internationally recognized environmental standard ISO 14001; registration can:
  • Remove uncertainty and inconsistency by managing disruption and waste
  • Give competitive advantage to avoid international trade barriers
  • Help companies stay in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improve overall performance
Internal Benefits:-
  • Improvements in overall environmental performance and compliance.
  • Provides a framework for using pollution prevention practices to meet EMS objectives.
  • Increased efficiency and potential cost savings when managing environmental obligations.
  • Promote predictability and consistency in managing environmental obligations.
  • More effective targeting of scarce environmental management resources.
  • Enhance public posture with outside stakeholders.
Competitive Benefits:-
  • Increase in process yields.
  • Less downtime through more careful monitoring and maintenance.
  • Improved utilization of by-products.
  • Conversion of waste into commercially valuable forms.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Savings from safer workplace conditions.
  • Reduction of costs associated with emissions, discharges, waste handling, transport & disposal.
  • Improvements in the product as a result of process changes. Higher quality, more consistent products.
  • More efficient resource use.
The ISO 14000 series of standards are based on the following principles :-
  • An organization should focus on what needs to be done - it should ensure commitment to the EMS and define its policy.
  • An organization should formulate a plan to fulfill its environmental policy.
  • For effective implementation, an organization should develop the capabilities and support mechanisms necessary to achieve its environmental policy, objectives and targets.
  • An organization should measure, monitor and evaluate its environmental performance.
  • An organization should review and continually improve its environmental management system, with the objective of improving its overall environmental performance. 

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